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About Us
We started with a group of traveler who enjoy traveling especially explore rural villages in developing countries,
we were all fascinated by those artistic jewelries made by country artisans, they are not made with high value materials
like gold or diamond, but simply materials exist in their living environment,
we believe a true value is not just about what it made of, instead it is about how it made for.

we appreciate every pieces of their hard work, and aim to bring more humanity to the modern world.
Were hoping others might also inspired by looking these imperfection collection.

Our Mission 
Bring happiness to people
We would rather make No money
but make you happy.

Our business is not purely for commercial purpose, We like people to enjoy their shopping,
and feeling meaningful for what they do, If you couldnt afford upon some specific item,
tell us, as long as you got good reason for us, we would happy to send you a free gift or discount voucher / cash voucher.

click the picture and know more about "ask a gift"

Email: info@heritage84.com

Additional Info
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Bracelets, Clocks & Watches, Earrings, Pendants, Rings, Others
Payment Method
Cash, Others (please specify)
Contact Information
Wan Chai
Mall-E 精選產品