Welcome to Fishnet shop!  Please read below before ordering, and feel free to contact us by email: Fishnetshop@yahoo.com.hk

Terns & Condition:

Lead time: 3-10 business days for production & 1 business day for delviery to HK address afterward. We make every effort to ship before the deadline, please do not chase.

Color: We maintain strict product quality as always, but there must be differences after your photo printed on cases, especially the color might be slight lighter or darker.  

Brackground & white borders: We currently use white bottom shell only, and the four sides of the case cannot be printed, so we will leave them in white.  Please do not order if you mind about this.

ThePpixels Requirements: Please provide photos more than 1000 * 800 pixelsPictures should be as bright as possible. Low-resolution photos can also be done, but it will trun out blur and nice-looking as usual, we do not take responsibility of the defeat due to low-resolution photos.

Prices and postage: For HK customers wtih business address, please add $ 15 HKD for local couriereFor HK customre with residential, address or overseas customers, please ask postage before ordering.  For common cell phone models such as the IPHONE 3G, GS, 4G, 4GS / SAMSUNG Galaxy NOTE the S2, S3 ... it cost only $ 135 HKD for one custom-made shell.  For other special models, please email us to ask the price.  It generally costs within $200HKD.  Postage not included.

Please forward your JPG file, and indicate the contact e-mail, name, and telephone. If the CD is issued on special request, please be specific on e-mail.

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