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               鐳射刻字 Laser Engraving Service


MH trophies & engraving樂意為你提供優質而價格合理的鐳射刻字服務。如有特別圖案,只要把文字圖案電郵我們馬上為你報價。

  • 自設機器,時間特快;
  • 歡迎大量製作或來稿訂做;
  • 金屬物料包括不銹鋼、鋁、銅、鍚及銀等;木料、玻璃、水晶塑膠,歡迎查詢。
  • 歡迎自備物件或由我司供應項目進行鐳射刻字及圖案雕刻。


MERRY HOME is glad to provide a first class laser engraving service at competitive prices for our customers.

  • We have our machine to do engraving. No minium order, urgent order is available;
  • Mass production or tailor made project is available;
  • Welcome to give these to us for ENGRAVING: Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Copper, Pewter and Silver.
  • We are happy to help whether it be supplying TROPHIES or ENGRAVING your existing ones.

獎杯獎座 Trophies & Awards

  • 送鐳射刻字服務 Free Laser Engraving Services
  • 4.6吋獎杯高價目由$90起 The price of 4.6" Height cup is up to $90
  • 物料:電銀 Material: Silver-Plated

歡迎瀏覽: http://www.merryhomegift.com/trophies


電郵:  info@merryhomegift.com

致電我們:  (852) 3578153