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Welcome to simply decor, the first ever home decorative accessories shop with the concept to crossover a "gallery" with an "outlet" in Hong Kong.

Our business began when I was trying to search for sculptures and oil paintings to furnish my then newly renovated apartment a few months back. I literally spent weeks and months visiting galleries and furniture shops and learned that either there were too few choices to fulfill my appetite, or even worse, the items were outrageously overpriced.

Being frustrated and disappointed, there got to be a place where one deserves more selections and at affordable price. It was how the concept of putting together an outlet-style gallery nurtured. I believe uniqueness doesn't have to be expensive.

In order to offer our items at affordable price, we decided to adopt 2 approaches: To purchase in large quantity so that we maintain a better bargaining power with our suppliers. Most of the goods were imported in containers from various Asian countries.

The second approach is to locate ourselves inside an industrial building where the rental fee is more reasonable. This brought the primary overhead to do business in Hong Kong down significantly. Most shopping malls in Hong Kong, as you probably aware, are charging a few hundred dollars per-square-foot for their premium space. We will never achieve our goal if we were to open our shop inside a shopping mall.

We truly believe making an extra few steps to our outlet x gallery will provide you with more choices and savings. Come and visit us! We want to share our excitements with you.

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