JETCOOL Showcase MODEL: C3 1 PH 5A 50Hz INPUT: 220V WEIGHT FR: R134A Serial NO: B1000142 SN Made in Taiwan by KINCO Caution: Please read and understand the system of the confectionery show case. Iu case of unusual circumstances, unplug immediately and then call your agent or office for support. Cautioned: 1. Please use tap or warm water to clean the filter net every month. Neutral detergent can be use to wash the filter net. The plates do not over the width of laminate in order to facilitate proper air flow 2. cycle. Do not put items in front of the Outlet Export and Return Air Export. " This will block the air flow transmission. Do not fill or load the laminate with over Eight(8)Kilograms. Always make sure to close the show case. Close properly the glass sliding door 3. 4. 5. after putting in the food items. For the show case, gently open & close the glass sliding door. For the display rack, use the HANDLE ONLY to open and close the sliding glass door. Do not lean on the glas Electronics,Technology,Electronic device  Display case,Display window,Glass,Aquarium,
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 雪櫃內有LED燈 屯門自取,雪櫃有轆,有電梯, 大廈正門私家車,客貨van可到達

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