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Flowers Delivery Phuket,Local Florist Shop,Florist Phuket,Local Phuket Flower Shop,Flower Decoration

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Welcome to www.flowerfloristphuket.com

Flower Florist Phuket is full of service quality for being an qualitative flower shop in Phuket, the South of Thailand. We open our shop and deliver the flowers everyday. Enjoy an effective convenience and security for ordering online within 24 hours a day, or contact us from time to time. If you order some kinds of flower such as a basket, vase of fresh flowers, and more, we can deliver such order to your destination in that day.

Our Products & Performances
Fresh Flowers, Plastic and Artificial Flower, Import Flowers, Flower Arch, Wreath, Garland, Bouquets, Flower Balls, Flower Decoration in Any Ceremonies, Bride-tied Bouquet, Corsage, Flowers for Bride and Groom, Flower in Pedestals, Centerpieces, Basket (Hampers), Vases, Candlesticks, Rice Offering, Backdrop,..., and much more.

Contact Us
Phone: (66) 076-221775
Fax: (66) 076-214987
Mobile: (66) 88-768-4782, (66) 81-476-1262
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.flowerfloristphuket.com

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