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出租95%新Fuji Xerox 彩色多功能文件管理系統 DocuCentre-V C2265

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出租95%新Fuji Xerox  彩色多功能文件管理系統 DocuCentre-V C2265
近乎全新,只用了數月,彩色多功能文件管理(黑白及彩色打印, Scan,Fax...),適合A3及A4文件處理,簡單易用,非常好用,只餘下53個月供款,月供$565Main Features

Main Features

Easy to Operate, Easy to Collaborate

  • NoteFor precautions of each item, please refer to the page of details.

Compact size with wide possibilities.

  • A variety of options with a variety of combinations. Flexibly adapting to any installation space.

More efficient use of Smart Device

  • High resolution with the use of LED print head
  • Faster scan
  • Two easy-to-use scan applications are available
  • Easy operation from "Simple" windows
  • Waste-free fax
  • Efficiently utilise multiple Smart Devices
  • Easy printing wherever you are

Environmentally responsible

  • Excellent noise reduction performance through airflow design
  • Using environmentally safe new materials
  • "Smart Energy Management" for Specific Power Use
  • Energy-saving design consuming less than 1.0 W power during sleep mode
  • Reduced power consumption with excellent TEC value
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