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DLM 絲襪 (每對HKD$30) - 佢嘅特別之處, 係腰圍, 坐圍, 大腿及小腿部位略為有加闊嘅設計。若果身材比較豐滿的女性, 穿起DLM大利網嘅絲襪, 可以體會到這份舒適嘅感覺。 我亦找到一些朋友試穿, 她們都認為市面上一般買到的support絲襪, 對她們都有一些煩擾。例如: 腰圍, 坐圍, 大腿太緊, 又或者買到加大碼絲襪, 穿上身又過長, 引致色澤不平均, 名牌外國貨又太貴…之類。 
快來參觀我的網站: http://dlmhongkong.com/ 相信可以找到你合心意的一對絲襪。 
 DLM Panty Hose (HKD$30 Each) - specially made a widening design on waist, hip, thighs and lower legs parts. For those well-rounded girls, they can feel its comfortable feeling after putting on the DLM Panty Hose. Some of my friends also fitting it well. Majority of them do have some disturbance of the regular one, where you can purchase at anywhere. They found it too tight on their waist, hip, thighs or lower legs parts. Or when they purchase the XL size panty hose, it seems too long and caused an unbalancing colour on their legs. Some of them even spend a lot of money to buy a brand-named one which is too expensive at cost…etc. So please come and visit my website: http://dlmhongkong.com/ , trusted that you will find DLM panty hose can up to your satisfaction.


大減價 HK$25 一對, 值得一試!!!