J-Hits Design

We are not only concern about the quality of the products, also the image and style, in order to give our customers an individual personality.

Our inspiration is came from the interesting appearance around us everyday.

Exploring exciting elements is a way to respect to the place that we are living together.

Our aims is to let customers have sympathetic responses when wearing our products.

JHDE (j-hits design company), in full name is junior hits, meaning the trendy products for the young generation.

The company was started Hong Kong since 1999.

In this 14 years, Jhde had go through the change of Hong Kong street style, from hip hop to urban outdoor style.

Rope Bracelet by JHDE® 我們人氣手制飾品
JHDE®Skiing jacket,帽的背面有獨特的幾何圖案作detail,配搭我們一貫亮眼的戶外繩,雪花紅與雪花藍兩色選擇,限量發售款式,喜歡就及時入手啊!
patchwork cardigan簡單的搭上純色恤衫,已帶出不錯效果!
JHDE®ethnic style pant chain,木珠配綠松石的掛鏈,無論搭牛仔褲或迷彩褲一樣出色。
JHDE®Ethnic style leisure pant, 褲頭是民族色彩的繡花圖案設計,而口袋用上耐磨的丹寧布, 備有海軍藍與駱駝色,都是比較容易配搭的色系。
JHDE®sailor style zip up jacket,水手風圖案搭螢光色戶外繩與拉鏈邊,穿上它擺脫沈悶,let's get outside。
JHDE®今季最新geometric pattern撞色外套,單著已經很搶眼,備有兩色選擇,冬天的時候,再搭大衣也好看,百搭之選。

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