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Ed. Pinaud 法國百年品牌 Perfume wholesales 香水批發買賣

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    OPERA DIVIN  Perfume,Liqueur,Glass bottle,Product,Bottle
    En D. PİNAUD PASSION FLEU JE  Perfume,Product,Water,Fluid,Glass bottle
    ED.PINAUD 1830 PARIS POMME ROUGE ED PINAU POMME ROUGE 1oo mLe 3.4 FL.oz.   Perfume,Product,Liquid,Glass bottle,Bottle

“Perfume is the paradise of vanished flowers. They find in there their Eternity. Upon opening a bottle starts for me a pleasing journey towards my memories. (…)if I close my eyes the smile of a friend or the sweet face of a young lady met on the way around could arise from my memory. Yes, perfumes are really the most delicate beholders of our past life”. (Pinaud, memoirs 1860)

Edouard Pinaud, who is the best master perfumer from Paris, creats various formulas of perfumes revealing the freshness and elegant femininty.

We do the wholesale of the unisex, ladies's and men's perfume as well as pet perfumes and other luxury leather purse spray and refills

Photos source from http://ed-pinaud.com/en/

批發男女皆宜的香水,有清新,有濃洧,有撫媚的, 有柔情的,全天然草本合成,不加化學劑,梗有一款適合你。各款系列, 適合皮草,便携式的皆有。歡迎查詢或到臨供應商貨櫃感受。


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