Baby Bunny 著重提供高質素嬰幼兒及小童服飾、護理用品、健康食品,以及具教育意義的玩具、樂器和蠟筆。本店推崇綠色主意,售賣貨品包括有機棉服裝、毛巾及公仔、有機嬰幼兒護膚品、可再生種植木材製造的樂器、天然大豆製蠟石,以及天然嬰兒食品...等等。為環保出一分力,你同我地一齊努力呀!

Baby Bunny focus on providing high-quality infant and children clothing, care products, health food, and educational toys, musical instruments and crayons. The green products we are selling including organic cotton clothing, towels and toys, organic infant skin care products, musical instrument made by  renewable plantation-farmed wood, crayons made by natural soy wax and natural baby food, etc. For the protection of our Earth, let's do it together!
Shop Location:     1211舖, 1/F 樂富廣場, 198號聯合道, 樂富 (B區)
Shop 1211, 1/F Lok Fu Plaza (ZONE B), 198 Junction Road, Lok Fu

營業時間     星期一至五 (Mon to Fri):   10:30am 至 8:30pm
星期六至日及公眾假期 (Sat, Sun and Public Holiday):   10:30am to 9:00pm

電話 Telephone     +852 2336 8020
傳真 Fax     +852 3020 0225
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