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24h Chinese Translation Voiceover Transcrption Teaching 0.04-0.06/EN word

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24x7x365 Native Chinese Linguistic Services - 16 years’ experience

English Chinese Mandarin Cantonese Taiwanese Japanese Korean…

Great VO rates for China based talents of 30 languages


Dear Buyer,

Hi! I’m Macro Dai in China. I’ve working as a competent native Chinese linguist for 16 years. I offer translation, transcription, voiceover, dubbing, subtitling and translation for mainly English and Chinese (①Mandarin Simplified Chinese for Mainland China ②Cantonese Traditional Chinese for Hong Kong, ③Taiwanese Traditional Chinese Mandarin for Taiwan). I guarantee high quality, great rate and punctual delivery. Meet me at www.macrodai.cn or http://s764.photobucket.com/albums/xx283/livfai/. Accept PayPal. Can also provide VO of English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, Arabic, Russian, Thai, Malay, German, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Italian… Free quotes and demos available upon request. Sincerely wish to be your 24h long-term quality vendor. We work 24x7x365 from home offices with fast broadband access. Reach me via cellphone +8613828788322 or [email protected] anytime! Thanks!

A. Studio Voiceover USD Rates

Normally 220 Chinese characters or 110 English words in source script file is charged as 1 minute. All voice talents are native speakers of target languages. Final rate subject to your script and selected voice. Can also provide other Chinese dialects like Hakka, etc.

1. Mandarin: ads: $30~40/minute; non-ads: $30~50/3 minutes + 5~15/extra minute; timed but not lip-sync $10~15; lip-sync $20~40/minute. 50+ male 50+ female talents available. Deliver within 24 hours. Free demo of your script.

2. Cantonese: $40~70/minute; non-ads: $50~70/3 minutes + 8~15/extra minute; timed but not lip-sync $12~20; lip-sync $20~40/minute. 10+ male 10+ female talents.

3. Taiwanese: $50~80/minute; non-ads: $60~80/3 minutes + 10~17/extra minute; timed but not lip-sync $15~20; lip-sync $20~40/minute. 10+ male 10+ female talents.

4. English/Japanese/Korean and other languages: normally minimum charge $130~250/5 minutes + $20~30/extra minute. 2~10 talents for each language. Mostly cannot demo.

B. Chinese/English Video subtitle and mixing voiceover, music, video $10/minute

C. Translation USD Rates for Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean…

1. Text-to-text translation

1.1. English-Mandarin/Taiwanese $0.06/English word

1.2. English-Cantonese $0.07/E. word

1.3. Mandarin/Taiwanese/Cantonese-English $0.06/E. word

1.4. Japanese/Korean-Mandarin/Taiwanese $0.03/Chinese word

1.5. Japanese/Korean-Cantonese $0.04/C. word

1.6. Mandarin/Taiwanese/Cantonese-Japanese/Korean $0.03/C. word

1.7. Other languages into/from Chinese $0.05/C. word

2.      Audio/Video-to-text translation without transcription of source language

2.1. English-Mandarin/Taiwanese or vice verse $8~15/minute

2.2. English-Cantonese or vice verse $9~15/minute

We specialize in audio/video translation for English/Mandarin/Cantonese.

3. Video/audio-to-text transcription without translation

Non-verbatim: $1.5~6/minute for Chinese and English

3.1. English/Japanese/Korean $4~6/minute

3.2. Mandarin/Taiwanese $1.5~2.5/minute

3.3. Cantonese $2.5~3.5/minute


3.4. English $6~8/minute

3.5. Mandarin/Taiwanese $2.5~3/minute

3.6. Cantonese $3.5~5/minute

4. Interpretation for English and Chinese in China/HK/Macao/oversea

4.1. On-site Simultaneous Interpretation $360~600/day min. $300/4hrs

4.2. On-site Consecutive Interpretation $160~240/day min. $120/4hrs

4.3. On-site Accompany Interpretation $120~200/day min. $120/4hrs

4.4. Tel./online Consecutive Interpretation $30/hour min. $30/hour

5. English/Mandarin/Cantonese language lesson $16~24/here

6. Other services: studio rental $60/hr; typing; product sourcing…

 5. English/Japanese/Korean Video localization into Chinese

5.1. Video-to-text transcription into .doc $4~6/minute;

5.2. Text-to-text translation for timed/nontimed recording purpose $4~6/minute

5.3. Subtitle synchronization with/without mixing of dubbed voice $3~4/minute

5.4. Burning subtitle onto video $1/minute

6. Chinese Mandarin/Cantonese/Taiwanese on-site stenography $300~450/day

Stenographer works with a special typing machine for fast delivery


Macro Dai Quality High since 1999 macrodai.cn

Mandarin-Cantonese-English Simultaneous Interpreter

JoinU Lingo Ltd – Chinese Language Expert

24x7x365 Service Hotline +86-13828788322

[email protected] Skype: macrodai.cn WeChat: macrodai

Interpret Translate Transcribe VoiceOver Dub Subtitle

Chinese Mandarin Cantonese Taiwanese English…

SI $350~600 CI $160~320 a day, Shenzhen, Hong Kong

Wireless SI Equipment $100/60audiences/day

VoiceOver $5~25/minute  Facebook/YouTube: Macro Dai/livfai

SI Photos Videos: http://s764.photobucket.com/albums/xx283/livfai/

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