Cosmos PVC Blister Manufactory Limited was founded in Hong Kong in 1965. We have 4 decades of experience in the PVC vacuum forming industry.

In order to expand our capabilities and provide a fast and efficient service to our customers. In 1989 we moved our production lines into Mainland China and invested in many new machines. Since then, the demand for our products, and service has been rising rapidly. Furthermore, in 2001, we decided to move to a larger factory and invest in more advanced forming machines and automatic cutting machines. As a result, the efficiency of our production lines has been greatly enhanced. It can certainly cope with all the requirements of blister forming products in all industries. We manufacture blister products using PET, PS, PP , anti-static materials as well as flocked PS and flocked PVC.

We are continually improving our strengths and becoming more competitive in the blister forming industry. We have set up a new production line for the manufacture of folded boxes and tubes in order for us to become even more competitive. We only recruit experienced masters and the highly-trained workers from the folded box industry. We can manufacture folded boxes, tubes and gift boxes in many different styles, using PVC, PET and PP. Our hot-stamping and silkscreen printing facilities provide customers with up to four different colours to suit their different specifications and requirements.

All our products are made from top grade rigid films from Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Our factory is equipped with high-speed vacuum forming machines, high performance cutting machines, heavy-duty punching machines and automatic edges folding machines. Together with our modern management system and complete set if facilities and equipment, we can provide a complete service to suit all customers requirements from building mocking samples, building mold tools, to manufacturing blister products, to providing a delivery service to your factory and even exporting to other countries. We are sure that our customers can enjoy a fast, efficient, on-time, competitively priced, good quality and trouble free service.
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