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S.E.M Industries is a premier design and manufacturing house of an exclusive range of high quality consumer audio electronics since 1988.It enjoys the reputation of being the industry leader in the field of digital audio,specializing in multiple relevant technologies such as MP3,Optical Media Playback,Flash Media Playback,Wireless Audio Signal Transmission,Internet.Digital Radio Technologies,and Low Distorrion High Output Audio Amplifiers.

Supported by it's state-of-the-art design and engineering facilities in Hong Kong,and it's fully inclusive,vertically integrated production plant in mainland China,S.E.M Industries is capable of achieving the highest levels of quality within the industry,at an efficiency that permits an unparalleled cost effectiveness,while maintaining the strict contrlos of ISO 9000.

It is the absolute fundamentals that can be attributed to the success of S.E.M Industries,whose mission today remains unchanged since it was incorporated over 2 decades ago:Toproduce unrivalled pro ducts with the best possible design,and to support this by achieving the highest standards of Quality,Ingineering,Service,Responsibility and Ethics in the Consumer Audio Industry.


Mall-E 精選產品