Quality Control Consultants Ltd. was established in 1986 as a testing laboratory facility
for the quality control of concrete batching plants.

Since 1986 the company has grown from testing concrete, cement and aggregate to testing
of a multitude of items ranging from paints to metal.

The company first achieved HOKLAS (Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme) status
in 1989 for approximately 10 test items which thereby gave the laboratory worldwide
recognition in traceability for these tests.

Since 1989 the number of items to which the laboratory has been able to certify with
HOKLAS accreditation has increased to a level of exceeding 170 tests, certification and
calibration services, thereby making it one of the largest accredited Private Construction
Materials Testing Laboratories within Hong Kong.

The aim of this laboratory is to provide complete laboratory services of the highest standard
of quality, integrity and efficiency in all locations where such services are provided.   Quality
Control Consultants Ltd. main office and laboratory is located in Tai Po within the New
Territories in Hong Kong.  In addition the company has two other laboratories which have
achieved HOKLAS accreditation.  These are namely the Steel Testing Laboratory at Yau
Tong in Kowloon and the Dongguan Site Laboratory on Nizhou Island near
Dongguan in the Peoples Republic of China.

The Dongguan Site Laboratory was established in 2000 and has been accredited by
HOKLAS since July 2000.  This Laboratory performs a variety of tests ranging from testing of
concrete to glass fibre composite materials and also utilizes a RFID tracking and reporting system.

The Yau Tong Steel Testing Laboratory was established in 1998 and has been accredited by HOKLAS in 1998 to perform testing of steel reinforcement.

Head Office:Unit A and B, 7th Floor, Block 3, Tai Ping Industrial Centre, 53 Ting Kok Road, Tai Po, N.T. Hong Kong.
Tel No.: (852) 2665 7131
Fax No.:  (852) 2664 2001
General Information:

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