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鐳射刻字 Laser Engraving Service

MH Laser 鐳射刻字成立於2008年, 為你提供優質而價格合理的鐳射刻字服務


  • 提供絲印刻蝕鐳射刻字; 
  • 歡迎自行來件代客備料;
  • 禮品或產品印商標logo加工等等。


(歡迎先電郵 info@merryhomegift.com /Whatsapp: 9673 9738 報價)

  • 位於荃灣,自設機器,時間特快,歡迎預約;
  • 金屬物料:包括不銹鋼、鋁、銅、鍚及銀等;
  • 其他物料:木料、玻璃、水晶塑膠,歡迎查詢。
  • 歡迎自備物件進行鐳射刻字及圖案雕刻。

鐳射雕刻 Laser engraving service: 於電腦圖檔透過激光在金屬,鋁,黃銅和不銹鋼等金屬上雕出不同的圖樣文字。

價目:HK$5-起 (量大從優) 

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MH Laser EngravingEst. 2008, we are specialising in provide a first class laser engraving service at competitive prices for our client group in HK.

Our Service:

  • Silkscreen, Etching and Laser engraving service are available;
  • We provide Raw Material Sourcing. You are also welcome to bring your own item for production;
  • Adding logo on giftware.

Company groups or individuals are welcome! (Welcome to email us for free quotation first!)

  • Located in Tsuen Wan with own laser machine, urgent order is available!
  • Able to engrave on Metals:stainless steel, copper, aluminium, pewter & silver etc.
  • others:wood, arcylic, crystal glass engraving etc.
  • welcome to take your own thing to have text, logo or any graphics engraving.

Price:HK$5-up (depend on the amount) 




電郵 info@merryhomegift.com 或致電我們 (852) 3578 1535 .
Any enquiry, please feel free to email info@merryhomegift.com or call at (852) 35781535

公司網址: http://www.merryhomegift.com/trophies




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