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華利植毛吸塑製品有限公司擁有豐富的生產經驗和專業技術人才,自設廠房專營各種PVC, APET, PETG, PS, PP, PE 等多類吸塑成品、高級包裝品、印刷膠盒、圓筒等,並設有植毛加工,專植五金、鐵通、鋁通、吸塑、紙皮、公仔、玩具、木板等,以及生產各種PVC膠片和植毛 膠片,歡迎來電查詢。

Wah Lee Flocking Co Fty acquires extensive experience, professional technical intellectuals & its own plant in providing all kinds of PVC , APET, PETG, PS, PP, PE blister products etc , high-end packaging products, plastic printed boxes, cylinders, etc. We also offer flocking services for metal wares, iron tubes, aluminium tubes, blister,corrugated paper, figures, toys, wooden board, etc. & produce all kinds of PVC film & flocking. Welcome for inquiries.

地址: 香港新界荃灣橫龍街43-47號龍力工業大廈21樓7室
其他地址: 深圳寶安觀瀾桂花村
職位 / 部門:經理
電話: (852) 2408 0389
其他電話:(852) 2408 0405 , (852) 2409 1494
傳真: (852) 2408 0019


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