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Nam Kwong ELectric Co., Ltd
In the late 1960s, Mr. Shing-cheung Chow, a Shanghai born Chinese living in Hong Kong, started researching on Xeon Flash Tubes manufacturing and established Nam Kwong Electric Company in 1968. Patents had been acquired in utilizing Titanium metal in making cathodes, which as a result, had lengthened the life and increased the light intensity of the flash tubes with its gettering functions. Nam Kwong had become the pioneer and erected a milestone in the field of strobe manufacturing industry.
Based on the experiences acquired during the first decade, Mr Chow and his team of engineers had researched on the conventional high voltage contaminated mercury-filled neon and had made an immense improvement. A mercury-free low voltage neon with light sweeping effect had appeared by incorporating with computerized electronic control. Nam Kwong had reached a new domain in neon industry with its animated, functional, fascinating and safe neon displays in the domestic, commercial and theatrical fields.

1 C/D, Young Ya Industrial Building
381-389 Sha Tsui Road
Tsuen Wan
Hong Kong
Tel     :     (852) 2490 0202
Fax     :     (852) 2411 6902
Web Site     :     www.namkwong.com.hk
E-mail     :     info@namkwong.com.hk



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