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合约转让 - 办公室打印机租机

此資訊已過期,不保證資訊準確性 更新於: 2017-02-07 刊登者: Fiona

办公室打印机   剩4年3个月租约转让(租期共5年)



兴趣者请email至 [email protected]

月费:          HKD838

打印费用:HKD0.065/copy A4黑白列印

                  HKD0.76/copy 彩色

型號:            MX3060N



• 30 copies per minutes for Colour copies & printinq


• Fast warm-up time with 10 sec


• 80*  (opm)  original  per minute fast scan speed


• Paper Capacity: 2 trays x 500 sheets+ 1  bypass 100


• Paper Weight: Tray (60 - 220g) + By-pass Tray (55 - 300g)


• Zoom Rang 25%-400%


• Paper Size:   Max.  A3,min  A5


• Duplex  Print,  Copy and Scan


• Memory  5GB + 500HDD


• Support varied  operation system, i.e Window, Mac


• Priority  Printinq • cnanqe  job queue order


• Electronic sornnq • Offset stacked and outputs  collated


• Separate B/W & Colour button for easy control


• Sharpdesk Mobile·  Mobile app for mobile print and mobile scan

Networ1<  Printing & Scanning

•   High  Quality output - 1,200   X 1,200   dpi + PCL & Adobe PS Driver

•   support Network print, USB print, Mobile Print

•   Secure Network Printing - Control  Usage(i.e restict color print)

(by User Authentiation and Password Protection)

• Scan to Email, Desktop, USB Memory, Network Folder, 3060N-HDD

• Scan File Format:  PDF, encrypted  PDF.PDF/A, TIFF, JPEG Searchable PDF, Microsoft Word, Powerpoint,or Excel file (New)!

Fax Kit

• 2 sides  fax in/output
• Check whether fax sent or not -Fax Notification  Report
• PC fax,   Paperless faxing with  Inbound  Routing
(forward incoming fax to other fax, Network  Folder, FTP Server,E-mail)


Free Sharpdesk - Document Management Software


• Composer - Combines different types of files into a sinqle doc.

• Thumbnail lrnaqes viewinq


• OCR - Converts documents into editable text files e.q,  Work or Excel


• File  search -Allows searchinq  by file  name,  keyword or thumbnail


兴趣者请email至 [email protected]




聯絡資訊 此資訊已過期,不保證資訊準確性