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20 多年豐富經驗 公司貨倉 國際空運速遞服務 (FEDEX, DHL TNT )

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ASSEXGLOBAL Logistics provides innovative, global supply-chain solutions across Automotive, Consumer, Industrial and Retail markets. 



  • 資深員工向客戶提供專業知識及解答客戶問題
  • 免費上門報價
  • 提供一切包裝物料給予客戶
  • 傢俱、大型及易碎品專業包裝搬運
  • 基本傢俱清理, 拆卸及棄置
  • 倉儲服務
  • 預備出口文件(海/空/陸)
  • 裝箱及貨運安排
  • 目的地派送上門服務
  • 拆卸包裝及組裝基本家俱移除包裝廢料
  • 增值服務
  • 保險
  • 新家具安裝服務
  • 棄置傢俬

Excess baggage from the holiday; Sports equipment for your holiday; moving abroad to start a new life with your family or for your retirement; relocating overseas for your employer, or, relocating your bulky or heavy tools for contract work in another country. We can make this safe, seamless and hassle-free using our own global shipping network we can move your personal effects from a couple of boxes (60kg) to the contents of a 3 bedroom household.

AssexGlobal also offers Cash-On-Delivery service to help e-commerce clients collect cash payment from end customers.




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