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Conquer Stars Limited (冠之星有限公司) is a Hong Kong based One Stop IT Solutions Expert. With our experienced and skilled in software design and programming, we specialize in providing customers with different types of web-based system, game design and programming. So that our valuable customers might minimize the operation cost and maximize their efficiency and profit though online channels with Conquer Stars. Conquer Stars has a team of experienced programmers and project management, and we may certainly provide you with the most satisfactory services from us. As Conquer Stars believes that Customer satisfaction is always being the most important aspect for our company. In order to expand your companys business and improve our customers investment expertise to maximize their best benefit results, we offer the following services and systems:

★ Facebook Game, Application, Fan Page, Group Page Design and Development

★ iPhone / iPad Service

★ Mobile Game and Application (iPhone, Android, Window Phone...etc)

★ Flash Game Design and Development

★ Web Design and Development

★ System Design and Development

★ Kiosk System

★ Warehouse Management System(WMS) - WarehouseStar

★ Online Shop System - ShoppingStar

★ Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

★ Point of Sales System

★ Content Management System (CMS)

★ Intranet System

★ Customer Relationship Management System(CRM)

★ Barcode System

★ Hand Held System

★ Smart Card Program

★ Sample Room System

★ Social Media Marketing


In addition to the services and the systems above, we might provide one-stop IT solutions to fulfill different customers’ criteria. Before the systems developments, we will give consideration to clients’ future developments, therefore, we can use different programming tools and languages, including the newest HTML5, etc., so that customers’ systems more in line with their future developments. Other Information In order to satisfy different clients needs, we can offer different types of programming: Programming Language: PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, Cold Fusion, J2SE, J2EE, JSP, Visual Studio .Net (C#, VB.net), C++, Embedded C++ Database: Sybase, Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, FoxPro

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