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Asking for information, why not?


“準確性高才是關鍵” 我們每天早上預測即日恆指和金價方向及高低位,亦有一些特別推介的股票,這些資訊絕對能夠幫助你賺錢,請致電登記以得到我們的每天分析圖表及資訊,只有時間才能証明我們的能力。

  1. 只提供諮詢,不可立刻開戶投資,因為我們必須確保你理解我們的技術,保障你利益。
  2. 我們小組對數據及圖表的認識程度特別豐富,樂意為向你分享講解,只需要30分鐘時間。
  3. 可致電預約會面時間或登記,完成登記後可得到英皇集團的定期優惠,例如演唱會門卷半價, 英皇鐘錶, 珠寶的折扣, 或特別活動邀請卡。


電話: Kelly Chan: 63567561 (城市大學金融與精算數學理學士)

         Wincent Lai: 91591991 (理工大學電子計算學理學士)


Buffett “Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing.” Do you believe?


“Preciseness is the most valuable” We make the daily prediction of HangSeng index, Bullion price in the morning, including the direction and range. And we investigation into stock market, always some recommended stock for you. Please registries with calling our mobile to obtain daily information (Prediction charts). Only time could prove our strength.

  1. We provide consultation only, no instant account investment. We have to make sure that our clients understand the technique. It’s the measure to protect your investment.
  2. Our group excels in statistic and data analysis, well-prepared to share and explain to you. Its take around 30 minutes.
  3. After registration as a partner, emperor group always provide special promotion on products. For example, half-price of concert, discount on emperor Watch and jewelry, and finally invitation card on celebrities functions.


Contact information:

Kelly Chan: 63567561 (Bachelor of Mathematic Finance and Actuarial Science, City University)

Wincent Lai: 91591991 (Bachelor of Computer Science in Programming, Polytechnic University)

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