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Get the Authentic Indian Cuisine in HK‎

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    ANJAPPAR Cettinad Indlan Rastaurant NETHILI fish fry ల .hk unit 202, 2/f Multifield Plaza, 3 Prat Avenue, Tst Kin, Hong Kd Call us : +852 3428 5757, +852 6999 5549  Food,Dish,Cuisine,Ingredient,Recipe

There are many restaurants that claim to have the best cuisines from all over the world. However, the finesse of the Indian cuisine is very complicated that only a handful of the restaurant chefs can master it. The unique quality of Indian cuisine is that, it uses a lot of spices that accentuate the taste and flavour of the food. However, a pinch more than what is needed you might be forced to eat a food that does not taste good. So, when it comes to Authentic Indian Cuisine in HK, no other restaurant aces it like Anjappar. Bring your family for a delicious meal at the restaurant.  For additional contact reach us at +852 3428 5757  +852 6999 5545  or mail us [email protected]. Visit  our website  http://www.anjappar.com.hk/  for more information

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