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心明您需要,用心留住您 Only we serve you better, then we feel better

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心心水業集團是香港唯一一家公司,同時提供3種不同飲用水﹝蒸餾水、純淨水、加礦水﹞ 。我們同時有一系列的飲水機及飲用水機配件以供客戶選擇,亦提供水機清洗維修保養服務,全面覆蓋客戶於樽裝水系統上所需。
Tip Top Water Group is the only company in Hong Kong that offer 3 different kinds of bottled water ( Distilled Water, Natural Water, Mineralized Water ) We have a series of water dispensers and accessories that suit our customers’ needs. Different types of Dispenser Sanitizing and Maintenance Programs are also available. 

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