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Magen Technology Co. Ltd. has equiped and supported by experienced

professionals in designing patented magnetic products which have

been performed effectively and enviromentally on Anti-scale and

Disinfection aspects at cooling water systems for chiller plant, power

station and factory of more than 50 projects at recent 10 years in China .

Other advanced products for aquarium use have been developed based on

benefical effects of water under intensified magnetic influence.

A new break-through is the unique design of  Automatic Filtration

incorporated in magnetic water treatment which can enhance further

the treatment effects especially on sea water cooling systems.

Magen Technology Co. Ltd is associated with Credilink International Ltd.,

which was founded in 1992



應用於工業用水為主包括中央空調冷卻水系統,電力廠和工廠內的冷卻水系統,及民用的中央熱水系統等。特點是無須能源運作而達至節省水源,能源和化學葯的環保產品, 國內工程項目超逾50個。美潔現已發展精密空調系統產品及適用於水族箱和養魚池塘的先進產品.

最新的突破是 強磁+微過濾器(自動清洗), 全面解決海水冷卻系統所面對的難題.

地址 : 香港九龍新蒲大有街33號佳力工業大廈佳力1702室

電郵: info@magen.com.hk