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·       商業文件翻譯
計劃書及發展報告 / 年報及財務報告 / 一般書信往來
·       法律及官方文件翻譯
合同及協議書 / 證書及法律文件 / 政府信件及官方文件
·       技術文件翻譯
產品及操作說明書 / 科研及技術性文件 / 軟件使用說明書

·       網上服務     翻譯多國文字網站 / 網頁設計及制作
·       手寫書面翻譯語種電腦輸入文字


查詢專線: (852) 2721 3200   電郵 : marketing@e-translator.net   網址: www.e-translator.net   

Services Scope: ·      
·       Commercial Documents---
     Prospectus, development reports, annual and financial reports and general business correspondences 

·        Legal and Official Documents---
      Contracts, agreements, certificates, legal documents and governmental correspondence or official documents

·       Technical Documents---
      Manuals of products, scientific or technical documents and software manuals)

·       Online services---
      Multilingual websites, websites design and producing 

·       Scribal documents and word documents 

We have dedicated mother tongue translators specialized in various fields and scattering around the western countries, which gives us the advantage of having a strong team of technology experts to help the clients get over the language barriers so as to promote products to the world. We pledge to offer clients swift, accurate translations at a reasonable price.  

Enquiry: (852) 2721 3200   Email : marketing@e-translator.net    Website: www.e-translator.net