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Prominent Translation Company

offers a high quality translation service with outstanding efficiency, reliability and flexibility. Our expertise is an indispensable source of support for your business to get globally connected.

With our worldwide network of professional qualified translators, Prominent translates documents ranging from technical manuals, contracts and press release to financial statements, websites, training materials, certificates, software, policy and procedure handbooks, newsletters or any other subject.

We offer a wide range of translation services and over 100 languages around the world.

Our rates may be varied depending on the project size, content and urgency. Special rate may be offered for large assignments.

To get an accurate quotation, please send us your original documents via email
info@prominent-trans.com or visit www.prominent-trans.com.


詮球提供各類專業翻譯服務, 包括: 文件翻譯, 合約, 產品說明書, 網頁, 軟件 和 即時傳譯等等. 

本公司翻譯員皆為各國翻譯精英, 翻譯語言超過100種, 必能為您提供快捷, 準確, 高效率的服務.

如想參考報價, 請將文件電郵至 info@prominent-trans.com 或 到 www.prominent-trans.com 瀏覽本公司資料