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本人為澳洲特許移民顧問。可以提供澳洲簽證,移民資詢及協助其申請簽證服務。貴客只需提供簡單個人資料(例如年齡,職業及工作情況,教育程度,婚姻狀況,是否有直系親屬在澳洲等等),本人可免費提供初步評估及建議。貴客請放心,你的個人資料絕對保密及受到MARA保護 。(https://www.mara.gov.au/media/553229/Code_of_Conduct_April_2017.pdf )



詳情請WeChat 51221361 或電郵 rma1682177@gmail.com

I am an Australian Registered Migration Agent and is able to assist people who wish to apply for a visa to trap or to remain in Australia on a temporary basis, as well as people seeking to migrate to Australia permanently.

Interested parties can provide their brief person information (eg., age, occupation, education detail, marital status and if there is any immediate family members in Australia etc) for free initial assessment. Rest assured that your personal information would be kept confidential and protected under MARA’s Code of Conduct. https://www.mara.gov.au/media/553229/Code_of_Conduct_April_2017.pdf

More information of MARA and the registered migration agents can be found in the following link https://www.mara.gov.au/languages/english/

We are contactable at wechat 51221361 or email at rma51221361@gmail.com 


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