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provide specialist corporate services support and advisory services

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AJM Corporate Advisory Group has operated in Hong Kong for several years, and reputation for quality service and reliable advice. In 1999, AJM Corporate Services Limited (AJMCSL) was established to provide specialist corporate services  support and advisory services.

AJMCSL offers a full range of Accounting, Corporate and Personal Taxation and Corporate Services (including incorporation, deregistration, restructuring and tax planning scheme) to our local and international clients.

The Management Team

Our member of the management team are trained with local and international firm of accountants. Some of them have spent over ten years working on auditing, corporate secretarial, Hong Kong taxation, tax planning and corporate consulting.




Statutory audits of financial statements are a legal requirement for every company incorporated in Hong Kong.  We think the audit not just as an annual assignment, but as a continuous process, providing professional advice throughout the year.

The audit services provided include:-

Statutory audit in compliance with Hong Kong Companies Ordinance;

Due diligence, special audit and investigation;

Compilation of cash flow models, budgetary control systems;

Review of accounting and internal control systems;

Regulatory Compliance and report to regulators e.g. SEHK, SFC, HKMA,    ORSO/MPF.


Growing companies often need the services and experience of a professional accountant but are unable to employ one on a full time basis because of the costs involved. AJMCSL can provide accounting services on behalf of management. This may be achieved through providing computerised bookkeeping services on a monthly, annual or ad hoc basis as required. Accounting records can be written up at the client's place of business or in our own offices. The preparation of accurate and reliable monthly accounts on a timely basis and comparisons of budget and actual results.

Our accounting services provided include:-

Book-keeping and preparation of accounts service;

Advising on purchasing and upgrading accounting software systems;

Providing training to staff;

Administering your payroll;

Seconding staff to act as the company accountant.


We provide a full range of business services for both Hong Kong companies and companies incorporated in overseas jurisdictions such as the British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands and Bermuda. As starting a business can be costly and time consuming, AJMCSL can assist with the formation of a new business using shelf companies which are available for immediate activation.

Our experienced staff are then able to act on your behalf to cover all areas of company secretarial work to ensure that your business meets the requirements of the Companies Ordinance of Hong Kong and business regulations of other overseas jurisdictions.

The services provided include:-

Preparing and filing all statutory notices and returns;

Maintaining statutory registers;

Preparing minutes of directors' and shareholders' meetings, including attending meetings as required;

Providing a registered office;

Providing nominee directors and shareholders;

Acting as liquidator and arranging for the company to be struck off the Companies' Register;

Preparing necessary documents to open and close bank accounts;

Incorporating new companies and providing shelf companies;

Advising on and arranging corporate reorganisations;

Incorporating and maintaining companies in other offshore jurisdictions.


Salaries tax -
We can design tax efficient remuneration packages for company executives that can achieve real tax savings both for the company and the individuals concerned. Effective tax planning for staff at all levels can also significantly enhance a company's ability to retain valuable staff.

Corporate tax -
We can advise on structuring your business to minimise Hong Kong and foreign taxes.

Offshore planning -
We are able to advise companies on the most appropriate group structure, the best domicile and on the establishment of trusts in order to minimise the tax burden.

Tax compliance -
We are experienced in preparing tax computations, completing tax returns and filing these with the Inland Revenue Department on a timely basis. We also ensure that every possible claim is made when preparing the tax computations.

Stamp duty and estate planning -
We can provide advice on minimising the tax bills on death by the establishments of trusts and bequests in a will.

Tax Investigations and field audits -
We can advise clients and liaise with the Inland Revenue to ensure that the tax assessed and penalties are kept to a minimum.

Address:Rooms 1318-20, 13/F., Hollywood Plaza, 610 Nathan Road, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
Telephone: (852) 2351 4806     
Fax: (852) 2351 8718     
Web: http://ajmcsl.com.hk/index.htm

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