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comprehensive range of premier financial products and services

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CASH Group (the holding company Celestial Asia Securities Holdings Limited “CASH”; SEHK: 1049) is a multi-faceted service conglomerate that addresses modern consumer needs in investment and wealth management, home improvement, as well as lifestyle products and services.

All our businesses share a common mission that our customers' interests always come first. Our brands are synonymous with good customer services, great quality and fabulous value.


CASH Financial Services Group Limited (“CFSG”) is a leading financial services conglomerate that has been servicing clients in Hong Kong for more than thirty years. Through a well-developed securities and commodities brokerage infrastructure, complemented by a fast-growing wealth management division, we offer a comprehensive range of premier financial products and services catering for the investment and wealth management needs of our clients in Hong Kong and within the Greater China Region. Our fully-fledged investment banking group services regional corporations on a broad range of corporate finance and financial advisory matters. The newly established asset management division provides value-added asset management services for our corporate and individual clients to achieve the highest risk-adjusted returns in the fast changing investment environment.


Founded in 1986, CASH Retail Management offers a diverse portfolio of premium brands that satisfy our customers' lifestyle needs through a blend of operating efficiency, effective use of technology, and talented people. We build our competitive advantage by achieving economies of scale through our single operating platform. Businesses comprise sourcing, retail and wholesale distribution of quality products, including furniture, houseware, digital products and electrical appliances.

3C Digital is committed to providing a wide array of quality and fashionable digital products, including consumer electronics, computers and communication items, enabling our trend-seeking customers to enjoy a vibrant digital lifestyle. 3C Digital is building a comprehensive retail network in order to fulfil the robust demand for digital products from both local and tourist customers. As a new force to the digital market, 3C Digital is known for its innovative and personalised services, and we were the first digital specialist in Hong Kong to obtain the Q-Mark Service Scheme certification. Other service certifications obtained include the Quality Tourism Services Trademark from Hong Kong Tourism Board, and the “No Fakes” Pledge.

LZ LifeZtore is a total solution provider for home lifestyle products. We are committed to providing customers with ultimate shopping excitement through a “FUNctional” approach via our own design furniture and home accessories,LZ LifeZtore offers customers inspirational design ideas namely ORIwest, that is, a unique fusion of Oriental and Western styles. Customers, who pursue a lively, individual lifestyle will be inspired by LZ LifeZtore's quality designed products, exhilarating store environment and totally committed customer service.

Pricerite is one of Hong Kong’s leading home improvement specialists. We are committed to offering a quality shopping experience and a wide range of value-for-money products that exceed customer expectation. A comprehensive network of outlets ensures ease of access for customers and enables them to enjoy better living every day. Pricerite is known for its relentless effort in enhancing customer satisfaction, which is acknowledged by obtaining various accreditations, such as the Distinguished Salespersons Awards from The Hong Kong Management Association, and the Services and Courtesy Award from Hong Kong Retail Management Association. Other service certifications obtained include the Q-Mark Service Scheme certification, the Quality Tourism Services Trademark from Hong Kong Tourism Board, and the “No Fakes” Pledge.



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