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Interactive Software has evolved over the past nineteen years from developing and implementing a generic Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application for a broad, eclectic customer base (including customers in Education, Local Government, Medical Research, IT and Telecoms) to become a specialist supplier of sophisticated and scalable applications.  Built on a standards-based core platform, Interactive's  flexible solutions are designed to meet critical business requirements not easily catered for by generic CRM applications that are strongly typed on sales force automation.

In recent years, Interactive's solutions have been focused in a small number of business areas where the delivery of core business features, together with ease of configuration to minimise the impact on its clients' core business processes and flexibility to meet future needs, are critical.  These include:

  • Employer Engagement and Student Enquiry Management
  • Training Management Solutions including Customer Portal Access
  • Medical Sample and Tissue Tracking Solutions
  • Stakeholder Management Solutions
  • Shared Service Centre Solutions
  • Case and Contact Management Solutions
  • Bespoke CRM Solutions

Interactive Software's focus on the above markets not only enables the company to gain an in-depth understanding of the problems that face each customer but also ensures that the core software platform development is driven by the needs of these market sectors.

The company's aim is to understand each client's individual business requirements to implement a secure, robust and flexible solution that meets its needs and delivers tangible and intangible return on investment (ROI).  The company's template solutions for each of the company's markets represents a powerful starting point for delivery of a solution configured to deliver each customer's key business objectives for the system without needing to develop custom software.


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