Johnson Group (Holdings) Ltd

The Group's core businesses in China and Hong Kong are manufacturing, product trading, pest management and household cleaning services (including premium home cleaning, mattress cleaning, disinfection and VOC removal services), which fund themselves and do business locally. Through quality management control and innovative technology, the group provides a wide range of quality products and services, adapted to local customers' needs.

The rapid economic changes in the world forced the group to setup its strategy for continued growth. The group diversified both its business and its geographical spread through acquisitions and Joint Venture. In year 2004, Johnson Group expanded its business to export trading through the establishment of Guangzhou LifeMe Trading Ltd.

In year 2008, Johnson Group began its international fumigation operations (FAO IPPC-ISPM15). Johnson Group Fumigation Ltd was established to handle growing demand on importing / exporting fumigation services (methyl bromide & Ethylene Oxide Fumigations).

In Hong Kong, members of the Johnson Group include Johnson Group Pest Specialist Ltd, Johnson Group (Bianca) Ltd, Johnson Group Fumigation Ltd and LifeMe (HK) Trading Ltd.

Termites Control         
Bed Bugs Control
Mosquitoes Control         
Cockroaches Control
Fleas Control / Booklice Control         
Ants Control
Flies Control         
Wood Borers & Food Beetle
Rodents Control
Wasps Control
Birds Control     
Fumigation (MB & ETO)
Premium Home Cleaning         
Mattress & Sofa Cleaning
Carpet / Rug Cleaning         
Air conditioner Cleaning

Bed bug Control Products
Bed bug control products ,
Influenza prevention
Influenza prevention products ,
Janitorial products
Air freshener & dispenser , Soap dispenser , Paper towel & dispenser , Toilet paper roll & dispenser , Hand dryer & hair dryer , Toilet seat cover & dispenser , Wet/Dry vacuum cleaner , Floor burnisher & sweeper , Safety signs , Cleaning cart , Bucket/Wringer Combos , Cleaning accessories , Umbrella bag & dispenser , Waste container / rubbish bin , 3M Nomad Floor Mat ,
Rubbish Bin
Stainless steel rubbish bin , Plastic rubbish bin , Recycle bin , Outdoor Waste Container/Rubbish Bin , Rubbish bag ,
Hand sanitizer
Hand sanitizer (Aloe vera) ,
Air purifiers
Starkeys ozone air purifier , Samsung Plasma Ionizer , Giabo Photo Catalytic Oxidation Air Purifier ,
Mosquito/fly & Pest control products
Starkeys sticky pad insect killers , Starkeys electric insect killers , Bug Defence Misting System , Bug DeFence Natural Repellent , MKS Mosquito Killing System , Starkeys sticky pads , Safe-Pro-Lok Sticky pads , Blacklight tubes , EzeePlug®(for manhole cover) , Cockroaches Control Products , Glue traps (rodent & insect) , Mechanical traps (mouse/rodent) , Ultrasonic repeller (mouse/rodent) , Spayers ,
EPA approved disinfectant cleaners
Bianca Clean-Pro-Lok Hospital Grade Disinfectant ,
OEM Exporting & Manufacture
Mouse Traps/Glue Boards ,

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