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【Flexible storage period and storage fees for frozen storage】
Don't want to miss out on renting a freezer warehouse due to insufficient space? Have a batch of goods with only a few boxes left, but are required to pay a "minimum consumption"? Worried that with only a few days left for the goods, you'll have to re-rent a warehouse for a month? TAHUHU provides you with a complete service from unloading containers, freezing storage to seamless low-temperature delivery, without any minimum consumption restrictions. We reserve as much warehouse space as you need and charge you for the exact number of days you rent, without any minimum charge requirements. You can choose your own rental method!
Just visit the TAHUHU website, and like booking a hotel or flight, you can easily reserve the freezer capacity you need and choose the delivery date. You no longer have to worry about not having enough warehouse space for receiving goods, or be limited by unreasonable minimum rental periods when renting a warehouse in the future!
TAHUHU 塔胡胡係全港唯一嚴格執行CSA嘅冷鏈配送物流服務供應商,將冷鏈(Cold chain)結合數碼系統(System)及先進機械人等自動化系統(Automation)技術,由收貨、儲存至運送,為客戶提供全年無休、可靠、節省成本及高效率嘅新世代專業無鏠冷鏈物流解決方案
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