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For business immigration to Lithuania the procedure is simple and does not require huge investments, as in case of other countries of the European Union. Furthermore, the price for food, clothes, household products are relatively lower and the tax system is more liberal than in other EU countries. The important thing is that having a residence permit in the Republic of Lithuania , the alien can move freely to all countries of Schengen Zone. Moreover, basing business in Lithuania the whole market of the European Union opens for you: you are free to operate in any country of the European Union, choose the most attractive markets for you, buy real estate, cars, both for the needs of the business, and for your own use.

LTD “Accountant Group of Vilnius” specializes in immigration to Lithuania. LTD “Accountant Group of Vilnius” helps immigrants to get residence permits to live in Lithuania. One of the most common ways to get residence permit is to start your own business. Our team of immigration experts will help you establish a company and to arrange all the documents required to migration office.

We provide the following  services:

  • Legal consultations on setting up and doing business  in Lithuania (business immigration to Lithuania);
  • Consultations and assistance on all issues related to visa issuance, approval of invitation letters to arrive to the Republic of Lithuania and other issues;
  • Preparation of documents for application for temporary and permanent residence and work permits in Lithuania;
  • Preparation of documents for application for temporary or permanent residence permits and work in the Republic of Lithuania;
  • Help with arriving to Lithuania, based on your registered company in Lithuania;
  • Place of residence with a right to declare it as your place of residence;
  • Representation at the state authorities, companies, entities and organizations of the Republic of Lithuania.


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