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Are you still suffer from glare of the sun, too warm in summer, and expensive electricity bill?

Green Point is going to change your life by controlling sun ray.

reduce glare  more comfortable life  lower room temperature  save energy cost by 20~40%  save the earth

By controlling the impact of the sun’s rays, GreenPoint patented product "HeatBlock" Thermal Coating on window can cut down your heating and cooling costs. It can reduce heating and cooling costs by 20-40%.

Green Point is a eco company which supply the latest green technology to society.


We offer a most cost effective, efficiency, durable and green solution for solar control compare with traditional way (eg: window film, low-e glass).
Whether you are suffer from glare or heat of the sun, or you just want to do your bit for the environment to save energy resources, our product and service are the best choice for you.

We provide engineering service to:
– residence house
– school
– commercial building

– hospital

– government department
  and for any people who desire to improve the living and working environment, save energy and money


Green Point ECO Technology Co. Ltd


Tel: (852) 35635159 / 25658116

email: info@green-point.com.hk

Facebook: facebook.com/GreenPointECO

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFk_8gsBUfE

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