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Marble & Granite Restoration

            Polyclean Stone Care System has developed a Diamond Restoration Process for existing marble, granite, limestone and terrazzo floors/ walls/ tops that have been serverely scratched and scruffed. Our Stone Care Technicians can polish the surface of the stone until all the damage has been removed. The surface is then brought up to a high polish or natural surface with special treatment applications. Process can remove all the old scratches, grime, limes, old sealer and damage stains, even lippage of the stone. The process are working with clean water, no chemical add, non-poison, non-dust and quietly. Process can decrease the great cost of renovation.

Polyclean Stone Care System has developed a HARDROCK Crystallization Process for the care and maintenance of marble, limestone and terrazzo floor. Crystallization utilizes a special low RPM polishing machine and a chemical agent that restores the marble to its original luster. This system actually polishes the surface of the marble itself, leaving no chemical residue that requires stripping. There is nothing left on the surface of the marble to yellow or peel. Crystallization is not only cost-effective, it is low in maintenance. The process hardens marble surface and make it scuff and stains resistant.

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