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你是否想找到最佳和可靠的會計, 稅務, 虛擬辦公室服務?






智務所 (aivofc.com) 是你的一站形式解決方案o

隨著現代技術的飛速發展,互聯網已成為世界上主要的通信渠道。如今,大多數企業都通過互聯網推廣其服務和產品,智務所 (aivofc.com) 是你的成功好途徑。


我們的服務範圍包括成立香港及海外有限公司,公司秘書,註冊地址,會計,稅務,免費會計系統,網上信用咭收款係統,網頁設計,網站寄存,等等。 透過智務所 (aivofc.com) ,你們可以在世界各地推廣閣下的產品和服務, 來自世界各地的客戶可以輕鬆獲得你們的產品。 產品購買方法十分方便及容易使用,客戶可以坐下放鬆休息,但也可以同時獲得他們所尋求的服務和產品的最新信息。 精心設計的智務所頁面, 無疑會給潛在客戶留下深刻印象,在這個競爭日益激烈的商業世界中,你們可比其他競爭對手更具優勢。



"高效的服務,合理的價格" - 憑藉各員工的專業技術和經驗, 我們確保能為客戶提供最佳的服務質素。




Want to find Reliable Accounting, Taxation, Virtual Office with Best Services?


Want to step on the train of E-Trade?


Want to promote your Business on the internet?


AIVOFC (aivofc.com) is your one-stop solution.



With the fast pace of advancement in modern technology, Internet has become the main communication channel in the world. Nowadays, most of the enterprises are promoting their services and products through the Internet, AIVOFC is the good avenue to success.


The scope of services includes formation of Hong Kong and Overseas Limited Companies, Company Secretary, Register Office, Accounting, Taxation, Free Accounting System, Online credit card payment gateway, Web Design, Web Hosting, etc. Through AIVOFC, clients can promote their services all over the world, so that people from different corner of the world can have easy access to their products. The purchasing method is convenient and user-friendly, allowing the customer to sit back and relax while getting the most update information of the services and products they seek. Well-designed Aivofc page can undoubtedly impressed the potential customers, giving the producers advantages over the others in this increasingly competitive commercial world.


Once be our client, you could enjoy a wide range of privileges which includes exclusive e-mail address, free e-mail, technical support through e-mail and phone, etc.


"Efficient service, reasonable price" - with the experience in computer technology and our professional staff, we ensured our customers the best quality of service that can fulfill their needs.

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