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成立於 二零零九年,盈大會計師事務所 - 誠為中小企及創業人士提供一站式專業服務, 包括會計核數審計公司秘書公司注冊離岸公司注冊公司報稅虛擬辦公室等,我們有各種計劃, 以方便配合不同個別客戶的需要,而客戶亦可以單次收費方式享用不同的服務。我們讓客戶更能集中於發展自身公司業務、增加公司的盈收。盈大會計師事務所本身為注冊會計師事務所, 我們無須外判 會計、核數、報稅等事務予其他公司,因此我們的客戶亦能節省不少費用及時間,這也是盈大比其他秘書公司及商務中心優勝的地方。 忠誠、可靠、專業及合理收費是我們服務團隊的基石。

電話 : (852) 28541988
傳真 : (852) 28541788
電郵 : [email protected]
網址 : https://www.profitaccounting.hk


Profit accounting was established in 2009.Enable you to concentrate on building revenue and your clients, focus on the business development, we provide one-stop corporate professional services to clients services and everything your company requires, includes  accounting and audit, company secretary, company registrationoffshore company registration, annual compliance of tax filing and virtual office.  You can also enjoy different single fee-based secretarial services. We have a variety of programs to suit the needs of different clients. Compared with other secretarial companies and Business Centres, PROFIT ACCOUNTING is a Certified Public Accountants firm, thus we do not need to outsource client's accounting, audit, tax filling services to other company. So we can help you save money and time. and we provides professional advisory service as your back up. Our customer-oriented professional service has consolidated our role as a Reliable Accountant. We are Hong Kong Accountant , support small and medium size firms in starting up their businesses and  annual compliance maintenance required by Law. Trust, honesty, reliability and professional serve as the foundation of our teamwork. PROFIT ACCOUNTING COMPANY LIMITED a licenced by Hong Kong Companies Registry and is a Chartered Accountants firm registered with ICAEW. PROFIT ACCOUNTING is also licenced by HKICPA and is a Certified Public Accountants firm and is a Certified Public Accountants firm.

Telephone : (852) 28541988
Fax : (852) 28541788
Email : [email protected]
Website : https://www.profitaccounting.hk


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