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Freelance Accounting & Taxation; $400up; 特許公認會計師(Chartered Certified Accountant, ACCA)

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-       按月、季、或任何時段之日常會計。包括損益表、資産負債表及期他報表,以供管理層參考。

-       如管理層不需要定期報表,可於年結時一次入帳。以供報稅。

-       EXCEL入帳快速、仔細及準確。可節省會計軟件成本。

-       如有需要,亦可以會計軟件入帳。如MYOB, Peachtree, Quick Book等。

-       行政支援如薪金計算,強積金及準備支票等。

-       代為與執業會計師安排核數審計。

-       稅務顧問包括與稅局聯絡。

-       可到貴公司入帳,或提取文件入帳後退回。

-       多年執業會計師樓工作經驗,誠實可靠。

-       Monthly, quarterly or any routine accounting including income statement, balance sheet & other reports, for management purpose.

-       If no need monthly management report, annual accounting can be prepared once a year for tax purpose.

-       EXCEL accounting with speed, details and accuracy so that the cost of accounting software can be saved.

-       If prefer accounting software, also proficient with MYOB, Peachtree, Quick Book etc.

-       Administrative support such as payroll, MPF & cheque issuing.

-       Arrange audit with CPA (Practising).

-       Tax advisory service including liaise with Inland Revenue Department.

-       In-house or out-job accounting at your convenience.

-       Many years experiences in CPA firm.  Honest and responsible.

Mr. Ho

Tel: 9040-5231

Email: [email protected]



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