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收據/發票整理和入賬服務 Receipts/Invoices Sorting & Entry Service

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收據/發票整理和入賬服務 Receipts/Invoices Sorting & Entry Service

協助業務擬備及保存開支紀錄作會計和報稅用途 To assist businesses in preparing and keeping their expense records for accounting and tax filing purpose. 

每張發票收費 HKD1.00 for each receipt

服務包括 Service Fee Include :

  • 按日期排序 Sorting by Date
  • 分類 Categorize
  • 編號 Numbering
  • 輸入客製格式試算表 Entry to customized template in Excel
  • 釘裝 Binding

服務包括 Service Fee NOT Include :

  • 郵遞或速遞 Postage or Courier
  • 會計核數 Account Auditing

即日處理、特快交貨 Immediate Processing, Express Delivery

請致電 5597-1303 或 電郵 [email protected] 查詢

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