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Tattoo Temple / Body Piercing 100% sterile piercing technique.(紋身 - 穿環 )

此資訊已過期,不保證資訊準確性 更新於: 2009-03-22 刊登者: Tattoo Temple
TATTOO TEMPLE / BODY PIERCING                             
Ear Piercing
Standard Earlobe Piercing
Ear Cartilage Piercing 
Ear stretching
Snug Piercing 
Rook Piercing
Tragus Piercing
Daith Piercing
Conch Piercing
Helix Piercing
Industrials and Orbitals Picering
Nose Piercing
Nostril Piercing
Setpum Piercing
Lip Piercing
Labrets Piercing
Lowbrets Piercing
Vertical Labrets
Madonnas and Medusas
Smiley Piercing
Cheeks Piercing
Eyebrow Piercing
Bridge Piercing
Anti-eyebrows Piercing
Tongue Piercing
Nipple Piercing
Navel Piercing
**Piercing includes jewelry**
Joey Pang
6386 4668
3/F, 30, Stanley St. Central Hong Kong
**Piercing by appointment Only**
聯絡資訊 此資訊已過期,不保證資訊準確性