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Dating SweetHeart 是由律師及會計師主理, 創辦人是基督徒, 有信心保證, 誠實可靠, 兼且會員質素高, 當中不乏會計師及外藉人仕,高收入人仕, 因工作繁忙無暇結識異性, 虛耗光陰, 何不考慮 參加我們有趣的活動從而認識心儀的人 ?
活動當中包括午, 晚餐配對, HIGH TEA PARTY , SUNDAY ROSE Activities , 酒店自助餐, HAPPY HOUR , 旅行團等....
如有興趣可call 8101 8653 
We are an established dating firm and _disibledevent="2" />French Cuisine Speed Dating Lunch at an elegant French Restaurant in Central at
12:30 pm to 2:30 pm
At night, from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, at a restaurant full of romantic ambiance, we will host 
Candle Light Dinner Party with Speed Dating Game
Reserve at 81010853, seats are limited
Matching and Management Fees is HK$180 per person, HK$150 per person for 2 or more people together. Expenses of Meals are not included.
Mall-E 精選產品