Shellac, an innovative hybrid polish developed by renowned masters Creative Nail Design, was voted ‘Best New Product of the Year’ in Nails Magazine’s Readers Choice Awards. Like any quality application, the Shellac system features a Base Coat, Colour Coat and Top Coat. Together with a UV Lamp for fast drying, they comprise the breakthrough in resilient semi-permanent colour. The polish remains flawless for up to 2 weeks without chipping, zero dry time means no smudging, and the result is a beautiful glossy mirror finish to your nails. Best of all, the product removes in 10 minutes with the simple application of acetone, leaving no harm to your nails whatsoever!

今年香港美甲最新熱潮~相信非美國的CND Shellac 莫屬!CND是美國享負盛名的美甲品牌之一,如你有觀看每季New York 時裝show的話,不難發現CND的美甲預告定必參與其中,成為潮流指標之一。Shellac是 Creative Nail Design創製的突破性可卸式甲油Gel,並曾獲選Nail Magazine's Readers Choice Awards的年度大獎「Best New Product of the Year」。Shellac的出現是一種技術的突破,特色是不需打磨甲面,持久不脫色結合了甲油的易塗操作和Gel的持久特性, 還有專利申請中的UV3技術不含甲醛,甲苯和DBP,所以長期使用都不會令指甲變黃。這甲油Gel可持續達兩星期,迅速固定避免指甲沾污,讓指甲於護理後散發亮澤光芒。此外,甲油Gel只需按正常程序使用Acetone便可卸甲,過程不過10分鐘,絕對無損真甲因此可安心使用。本公司有多達過百多款不同顏色可供選擇。

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