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HONG KONG BRAID / Cornrows / Dreadlocks / Hair extension / Kinki Twist/ Braids/ Styling

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Creative Hair Braiding  & Styling Shop in Hong Kong


From 2013 Jan, CB Style will change the name to "HONG KONG BRAID". The 1st hair styling shop will on 9th Feb (tentative)

Address: Rm 610, 41-43 Carnarvon Road, Solo Building, Tsim Sha Tsui

*HONG KONG BRAID will still in service during Chinese New Year*

I am a freelance hair braider with more than 5 years braiding experiences, I learned my braiding skills in USA from professional braider, good quality and reasonable price。

Appointment or Enquiries:
Tel/Wechat: 92295938  (Don't Send SMS)

Email:  [email protected] 

PAGE: http://facebool.com/hongkongbraid

BLOG: http://hongkongbraid.blogspot.hk

Instagram: hongkongbraid / Hashtags #hongkongbraid

Please visit my album for sample: http://fotologue.jp/hongkongbraid / http://picasaweb.google.com.hk/hongkongbraid

To save your waiting time, make your appointment in advance and address requirement clearly , such as accessories and specific colors.

Reference price :


1/4 Cornrow : $ 150 - $250 / with extension+$30
Half Cornrow : $ 250 - $350 / with extension+$60

Whole Head Cornrow : $ 400 - $600 / with extension+$80

Box braid/Micro Braid / Kinki Twist

Box braids        Kinki Twist

Whole Head Box Braid /Kinki Twist: $800 - $1200
Whole Head Box Braid /Kinki Twist with extension : $1500 ﹣ $2500
Micro Braid (can use as extension) : $ 1800 up

(Price may adjust according to clients require braids length)

Cornrow Braids 

1/4 Cornrow + Braids + extension: $ 1500

Half Cornrow + Braids +extension:$1200


1) Traditional dreadlocks, not using gel, wax, $1500 up
2) Braiding dreadlocks extension : $ 500up
3) Dreadlocks maintaining: $800up 
4) Comb Coils: $ 500 to $1500 (using lock gel, similiar to Dreadlock,less progress time, and flexible to back to normal)
(The above prices charge according to the length of hair)

1) Traditional Dreadlocks(Using Crochet hook to make the Dreads, after cannot return back to previous style)

1/4 Top of the head sextion(midium size, around 14 - 18 dreads)

﹣Hair length to Neck $1200

﹣Hair length to Chest $1500

﹣Hair length to Waist $1900

Whole Head(midium size, around 32 - 38 dreads)

﹣Hair length to Neck$2400

﹣Hair length to Chest $2900

﹣Hair length to Waist $3300

**Above price includes first 10 days free maintenance, 30 cc Dreadlock shampoo tester, and 10% discount for dreadlock maintenance in the future**

2) Dreadlocks Extension(Use braid to attach a complete dread to your fine hair, after you can return to your own hair style)

     1/4 Top of head section $ 500

     Whole Head$800

3) Dreadlocks Maintenance

     1/4 Top of the Head

﹣Hair length to Neck $600

﹣Hair length to Chest$900

﹣Hair length to Waist $1200

    Whole Head

﹣Hair length to Neck $1300

﹣Hair length to Chest $1600

﹣Hair length to Waist $1900

**The above price may adjust according to how untidy of clients's dread**

Want to buy a DREADLOCK shampoo, more detail go to this link: http://www.livpage.com/page/cbstyle/product-1000390.html

Hair Styling 

Beside all braiding style, HONG KONG BRAID also provide hair styling service for different occasion: Bridal and Groom, Stage Performance, Ball, Party, Competition. Style such as French Roll, French Braids, Fish tail braids,etc. Welcome client provide reference photos or more details for design a sutiable hair style for you to be stand out from the crowd.

Woman Hair Styling $350

Men Hair Styling $300

**The above price may adjust according to difficulty of style that client require.**

Hair extention

Hair extension
Extension with synthetis hair 

*Please call for details*

1) All styles are able to add extension to have longer or thicker style.
2) Adding beads or yarns : extra $10 - $30

The listed price only for reference, please call for quotation^^
*Customers are welcome to provide sample

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