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SKINCERITY 是全球唯一的透氣屏障面膜 - Is the world's only breathable barrier mask

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Skincerity 是全球唯一的透氣屏障面膜

其透氣屏障技術 ( Breathable Barrier®) 是世界上唯一的授予專利權的面膜產品.

透氣屏障面膜 - 基本上是在模仿皮膚的功能, 這微孔薄膜在您睡眠時能保存皮膚的天然水分滋潤, 在維持體內水分時不但注入抗氧劑,允許氧分子滲透進入皮膚,並且加速細胞新陳代謝, 促進受傷的皮膚恢復原狀. 使皮膚更滋潤,更明亮,更健康.

The key to a functionally rejuvenating masque is breathability. In fact, studies have shown that if a facial masque isn’t breathable, it’s not healthy for your skin.Skincerity is the world’s only breathable masque clinically proven to improve the health of your skin. It’s our Breathable Barrier® technology, which seals in your own natural moisture to deeply hydrate your skin that makes the difference. Engineered by biomedical experts and validated by numerous dermatologic research studies supported by the National Institutes of Health, Skincerity has been shown to be substantially more effective than over-the-counter creams in delivering a higher nutrient content into the skin. Simply roll on before you go to bed, and Skincerity takes care of the rest.

Skincerity也可以除暗瘡, 改善濕疹, 粉刺, 紅斑狼瘡, 牛皮癬, 玫瑰疹,疤痕, 修補傷口, 美白, 減少外觀細紋及皺紋,提升及收緊面部輪廓,改善粗糙,暗啞,粗大毛孔,預防衰老. 男女老小合適使用.

Skincerity also be in addition to acne, improve eczema , acne , lupus , psoriasis , scars, wound repair , whitening, to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve and tighten facial contours , improve rough , dull , large pores and prevent aging. Men and families to appropriate use .

Skincerity可以用在各種膚質類型和皮膚身體其它的地方如, 面部, 肘部, , 前胸,手和腳.

Skincerity can be used in a variety of skin types and skin of the body other places such as the face, elbows, neck , chest , hands and feet.

Skincerity亦參照 FDA的測試方式並得到證實,屏障技術是安全的,是無毒及安全使用在所有皮膚類型 , 並不會對皮膚造成任何刺激性. 其臨床研究已經完成,並得到美國國家衛生研究院的認可(SBIR No. AR4443 .它是皮膚專科醫生推薦的產品.  超正!! 反應熱烈!!!!!!!!!!

容量:1oz, 大概1-2個月的用量。


首支試用價 : HKD600.00 ( 零售價: HKD1,000

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