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Full Moral Technology & Cosmetic

Full Moral Technology & Cosmetic and Full Moral Beauty are belong to ACE Global Ltd.

Full Moral Technology & Cosmetic (previous name "Tailoy Cosmetic Company Ltd.) is a professional & famous skincare angency and wholesales company in HongKong. Our clinents and business partners suffused in different region like HongKong, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Eupore and U.S. Our business included the skin care products and beauty equipments. We also have OEM business for the customer.

If you have any questions, please contact us by mail or phone, we will try our best to provide you a professional advice and solve your problems.

Contact Us

如希望得到更多有關我們公司的產品或儀器的資訊,可透過以下不同的方法聯絡我們 :
If you would like to get more information about us, please contact us by the following method,

電話/Tel : (852) 2723 0133

傳真/Fax : (852)2723 0183

電郵/E mail : info@fullmoral.com.hk