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音樂室, 視藝室, 多媒體語言室, 圖書館, 電腦室, 室外運動場

Our Lady of the Rosary College was founded by the Sister Announcers of the Lord in 1971. We follow the preventive model of educational philosophy founded by Don Bosco, the great educator.  We move students to action by appealing to their sense of reason, nurture them in the spirit of Christian faith, and fill their hearts with our sincere love. We aim to provide a caring and pleasurable learning environment so that our students can have an all-round development in the following six areas: moral and spiritual, intellectual, physical, social, aesthetic and emotional.

In addition to an intimate and trustful student-teacher relationship, our school is marked by a harmonious home-school relationship. Our Parents Teachers Association has been set up for thirteen years.  Parent involvement in school activities is on the rise and their supportive role is becoming increasingly important.  Each year, in addition to the PTA committee members, more than twenty parent volunteers may come to school to assist in the running of the PTA office and to provide various services for students. 

Another support to the school comes from our graduates. They participate actively in school functions, give talks and organize a mentoring programme for the current students, providing advice to them and enhancing their exposure to the workplace. They maintain a close relationship with the teachers and are members of the Alumni Association. To provide greater support for the current students, this year the Alumni Association set up a scholarship awarding students with outstanding performance with travel vouchers for the study tour. 

With God's blessing and guidance, and thanks to the staff's effort and dedication, the school has made steady progress in the past thirty-eight years. This year, with  generous support from Mr. Richmond Lee and his Education Endowment Fund, the school set up the OLR Scholarship.  Each year, an amount of $200,000 in the form of scholarships is granted to students for outstanding academic performance, good conduct and leadership, as well as good performance in external competitions. It is hoped that students will be encouraged to develop a mindset to strive for excellence and that a more serious learning atmosphere will be created in the school.

Entering the new era of a knowledge-based society, we shall make every effort to prepare ourselves for the NSS education and to provide a great variety of learning experiences for our students, helping them to become inspired, loving and responsible persons making positive contributions to society.