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Apple Tree Creative Arts Centre

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Apple Tree Creative Arts Centre

AppleTree is a dedicated creative arts nurturing centre. We aim to nurture creativity in children by providing top quality educational programmes and experiences. We believe that: the ability to create opens up endless opportunities for a child, and the ability to present the ideas well visually and verbally is a powerful tool that can benefit a child enormously.

Taaching Approach

1.Presentation Skill:
We provide instruction in the use of art materials, techniques and presentation skills (visually and verbally) in an effort to support our students' individual and self expressive creation.

2.The process of creating:
We motivate and guide students through the process of creating step by step. We stress the importance of this stage because this is where the creative muscle is exercising.

3.Theoretical knowledge:
We offer valuable and innovative topics and knowledge to enrich the students' wisdom and stimulate them in their creating and learning process.

4.Build up self confidence:
We offer opportunities and organize big and small events for our students and parents to participate in order to build up our students' confidence.

5.We strive for improvement:
'How can we do better tomorrow than we did today?' This question is always in our mind, whether in our teaching or anything we do.

Address: Room 1601, 99 Plaza, 99 Tai Ho Road, Tsuen Wan, NT.
Tel: 2612-2839
Enquiry email: [email protected]
Email for our students: [email protected]

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