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Apart from offering tailor-made courses for individual schools

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To enhance and nurture the culture of excellence by being passionately committed to providing educational resources that stimulate, motivate, and inspire students in our society.


With its aim at providing quality English programs at minimal costs, Infiniti Education (無限教育) has served numerous schools since its launch in 2007, ranging from kindergarten to Secondary level, and has earned excellent feedback from teachers and students alike.

Apart from offering tailor-made courses for individual schools, Infiniti Education strongly believes in client-oriented services. The selection of suitable staff, close supervision and follow-up action are greatly stressed. We ensure that the services we offer serve the needs of all our students. Our goal is to help our students achieve new academic standards, and allow them to realize their potential in language confidence and proficiency.

We provide varied courses with diversified content, ranging from remedial and bridging courses to leadership and drama programs, all of which maintain a strong demand as in-class or extra-curricular activities. At the school administrative level, we offer curriculum development support and teacher training workshops. We also supply in-school experienced and qualified native English teachers that we recruit and personally train.

Infiniti Education is a credible educational services provider that believes in lifelong learning and making a difference.


Infiniti Education is founded by Ms. Ruth Ho, previous Principal of a Tung Wah Group of Hospitals college, and Mr. Chris Ng, an experienced overseas program developer and coordinator of many school-based English projects, including the Hong Kong parenting website, myBBface.com.

Address:      Flat A, 1/F, 264 Prince Edward Road West, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Office Hours: 9:30am-7:00pm (Monday-Saturday); closed Sunday except for events/parties
Tel:     2336-7388
Fax:     2336-7338
E-mail:     [email protected]

Website:    http://www.8-education.com/

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