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H.O.M.E Psychological Services Ms. Eliza Lau

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H.O.M.E Psychological Services Ms. Eliza Lau

Clinical Psychologist

Master of Science (Clinical Gerontology), CUHK
Master of Philosophy (Clinical Psychology), CUHK
B.A. (Psychology) University of California, USA
America Psychological Association (Associate Member)
Hong Kong Psychological Society (Member)HKPS, Division of Clinical Psychology (Vice-chair, Internal Affairs)

Ms. Lau’s specialty lies in child and adolescence psychological assessment and intervention.  She is familiar with treating children with special needs namely, attention problems, hyperactive and impulsive problems, social skills deficit, brain injury (e.g. epilepsies, brain trauma, brain tumor).  Ms. Lau aims at providing individualized tailor-made support programs for parents and children who would like to maximize their potentials and excel in the demanding learning environment in Hong Kong.   

She has been working the field of child and adolescence for 10 years.  She previously worked in the Department of Health, Child Assessment Services (1999-2007).  In the past 5 years, she has been the clinical supervisor for clinical psychologist trainees.  In September 2004, she participated in an attachment service in the Royal Children Hospital in Melbourne, Australia.

E-mail: [email protected]

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